How Mindfulness Can Help You through a Stormy Time

If you are dealing with something challenging or uncertain, seeing a light through the fog can seem nearly impossible at times. Some days will be easier than others but to really navigate the choppy waters on those more trying days takes a little more effort. Many people believe we live life through seasons, some seasons being harder than others. Whether it’s stress on the job, an illness, relationship issues, or a more traumatic event you’re facing such as death, it’s easy to fall into an emotional tailspin. But the reality is, you don’t have to default to that state. There are more positive and effective ways to cope with less than desirable life events. A mindfulness practice can be a great tool to use and can bring you the peace you’ve been seeking.

1. Mindful meditation – If you are a devoted yogi like we are, chances are you probably meditating on a regular basis, if not daily. The mind is a powerful thing and can work with us or against us. Meditation helps train our thought processes and develop a positive relationship with what goes in and out of our consciousness. Thoughts can have the power to affect our emotional state but the good news is we can gain the upper hand of what we allow ourselves to believe as truth. Training the mind doesn’t come naturally and it will take some work. Learning the skill of mindful meditation and ingraining this practice in your daily ritual will help you tremendously.

2. Lean on your community – Struggling with anything alone can make it harder to get through but asking for help doesn’t come easy to many of us. Family and friends might not know you are going through a rough time and if you don’t let them know, they won’t be able to read your mind. Communicate what you need from them and ask them for some support. Even if for you that looks like writing it in a text message or sending an email, conveying that you need them is powerful. We all have different needs when we are suffering and putting your needs out there can only help you.

3. Mindful over social media – Being aware of everything you read, watch and listen to throughout the day could make a serious impact on your mood. Be intentional about what you expose yourself to and begin to weed out the negative stuff the best you can. We can’t all live in a bubble, protected from the harsh realities of the world but we can be mindful and choose to focus our energy on the positive. This is something to keep in mind all the time, especially when you are in time of struggle. There are plenty of “happy” websites and social media pages you can follow.

4.  Take extra good care of yourself – Start with your self-talk and the conversations you have with yourself. They say we are our own worst critic but that doesn’t have to ring true for you. Put the bat away and take out the feather; practice self-compassion and kindness.  Try repeating a mantra like “I’m doing the best I can with what is in front of me, and I’m doing a great job.” The more you say it, the more you will start to believe it.

Life is full of peaks and valleys and we all encounter a rough patch every now and then. The way we handle these times is the real test and is telling of our true character. These tips will help you through those difficult seasons in your life and when the storm passes, you might find yourself still incorporating your mindfulness practice.